Our Mission

We are aming to really ensure human rights on health, longevity and a full life in social and ecologically healthy environment.

Out mission is to be a “boundary organization”:

  • facilitating dialogue and knowledge integration between various stakeholder groups - experts and non-experts, different sectors, public and private, national and international actors;
  • providing a platform and expert support for multi-disciplinary approach to environmental and social problems;introducing human dimension and social approach to environmental policy and planning;
  • introducing human dimension and social approach to environmental policy and planning;

Fields of Expertise

What we are doing (plan to do) ?

  • sustainable urban development (including energy efficiency, responsible housing management etc, tenants’ participation)
  • water and biodiversity governance
  • landscape planning (landscape strategies)
  • environmental education
  • ecotourism
  • mitigation and adaptation to climate change (including renewable energy

Organizational Structure

The History of "Ecoproject"

  • early 1990s: Liudmila Elizarava and other Ecoproject members contribute to the establishment of green movement in Belarus; cooperation with the “greens” of Sweden and Germany; first initiatives on sustainable development, cleaner environment and community involvement in Belarus;
  • late 1990s – 2002: Women’s Fraction of the Green Party; projects on environmental education, sustainable landscape planning, sustainable tourism; ideas of “umbrella organization” public – expert network;
  • 2002 – 2007: International NGO “Ecoproject” – making sense of wide network of contacts in academia, administration and public sphere in Belarus; sustainable  urban planning (SEA of Minsk General Plan, Zaslavl-Ecopolis) and sustainable tourism;
  • 2007 – present: new directions – climate policy (planned), water and biodiversity governance (EU GOVERNAT), environmental education (EU UNIENV); concept of “boundary organization”.

Our partners