Co-management of green infrastructure (CoMGI)

The project aims to increase the awareness of local communities and decision makers about the social, environmental, and cultural opportunities provided by preservation and development of green infrastructure (including parks, urban forests, river valleys, constructed wetlands, and green walls) in Mahilyow as a co-management process.

Project activities:

1. Promotion of the idea of the uniqueness of green infrastructure in Mahilyow and the urgent need for its preservation and enhancement among local people: study of environmental and cultural significance of the green infrastructure, mapping and visualization of their ecological and cultural values, creation of information materials targeting various social groups and dissemination of information among the people, development of educational materials for secondary schools and universities;

2. Analysis of the legislation and stakeholders involved in the management and development of green infrastructure: the role of each actor group, institutional governance procedures, conflicts of interest, management options suitable for the context of Belarus and Mahilyow;

3. Drafting of alternative development strategies for the green infrastructure: conducting local expert assessment, discussing the assessment results with each stakeholder group, creation of alternative development strategy of various areas and the whole city, dissemination and discussion of the development vision.

Project events

Project materials:

Examples of green infrastructure:


 The project is supported by the Small Grants Program of the US Embassy in the Republic of Belarus.