ComManaging Municipallity (COMMA)

The main objective of the project is to develop and evaluate participatory mechanisms (practices, procedures, institutions) and communication tools for inclusive and accountable governance in BY municipalities. Specific objectives concern both municipal administrations and stakeholders. The municipality management needs to be improved, and new methods should be introduced through: (a) exchange of experience and best practices with EU partners,  (b) developing and implementing pilot initiatives in BY municipalities, (c) developing and disseminating recommendations and guidelines for green participatory management, adopted to local conditions, and (d) spreading information among municipal practitioners and public through informational campaign. Information campaign will address: a) objectives and needs for sustainable municipal development based on local examples, and b) possibilities for stakeholder involvement. Established networks (stakeholders and municipalities in BY and EU) and web-platform will support transfer of the results to other BY municipalities and continuation of actions.

The project addresses several stakeholder groups, including local authorities and a range of municipal stakeholders (residents, civil organizations, private organizations, young people) in Mahilyow, Baranavičy and Čavusy. The key actors support the project idea based on previous initiatives and established contacts. The local administrations (consulted during the planning stage) consider the planned actions as practical and timely, even though they require partners’ assistance in planning and implementation. Stakeholders at other BY municipalities (consulted at the planning stage) expressed interest in the project results, networking, and dissemination (e.g. through a web-platform).

Project materials:

Press release (07.07.2015)