Multi-level Governance of Natural Resources

Funder: 6th EU Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development

Duration: 2006-2010

GoverNat (Multi-level Governance of Natural Resources: Tools and Processes for Water and Biodiversity Governance in Europe) is a Marie Curie Research Training Network that focused on research and training in the area of multi-level environmental governance of natural resource issues. GoverNat concentrated on participatory processes in the fields of sustainable water management and biodiversity.

The GoverNat network included 10 academic institutes and several affiliated praxis partners:

  • Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ (UFZ)
  • Ecological Economics and Environmental Management Centre (ECOMAN)
  • Danish Environmental Research Institute (NERI) Sustainability Research Institute (SRI)
  • Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (UAB ICTA)
  • for Sustainable Water Management (CSWM)
  • Institute of Social Sciences (UStutt)
  • Institute of Forecasting, Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAV)
  • IELM-SIU - St. Istvan University (IELM-SIU)
  • Institute for Structural Policy (IREAS)
  • Sustainable Europe Research Institute (SERI)
  • Institut Symlog de France (Symlog)
  • Instituto Nacional da Água (INAG)
  • Slovenský Raj National Park (SRNAP)
  • International NGO EcoProject (EcoProject)
  • Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz (BUND)