Happy Rain: Green solutions for storm water management in small river catchments in the city of Mahilioŭ, Belarus

The project offers three sets of interrelated activities on the catchment of a small river of Dubravenka in Mahilyow ensuring:

  • identification and development of technological and organisational solutions for interception and purification of polluted stormwater in the river valley (sand/oil traps, ponds, biofilters, constructed wetlands and solutions for conservation and sustainable use of existing wetlands) in order to prevent them entering the runoff (also used by recreational objects) and groundwater table (including the artesian aquifer); this includes survey and inventory of sewer outlets, development of designs, construction of pilot/demonstration facilities, negotiations with the municipality and business on terms of further construction and maintenance.
  • harvesting rainwater in the small river catchments in order to decrease pressure on municipal storm sewers and contact of rain/snow waters with polluting agents; this includes designing of small landscape forms for collection and infiltration of roof and courtyard water and running demonstration projects within the catchment.
  • Reaching local communities (including local business and municipal authorities) to raise awareness of storm water management through technical guidelines, school education and life-long learning (including curricula development and teaching/training sessions for students and trainers), social networking in order to ensure sustainability of the actions and the follow-ups.