“Local Climate ”: Local climate adaptation plan and participatory vulnerability assessments

Duration: April – July 2016

Implementation areas: Chausy (Mogilev region), Sporovo (Brest region), Motol (Brest region)

Funding agency: Programme “Climate Forum East” supported by the Austrian Red Cross and European Comission.


” Local Climate” is a pilot initiative on development local climate adaptation strategies in Belarus based on a participatory assessment of risks and opportunities related to climate change for three target communities – rural municipalities Sporovo and Motol (Brest region) and town Chausy (Mogilev region).

Project involves  analysis of the scientific data on climate change and its potential effects for the target areas, and participatory community assessment of the most important risks and opportunities related to climate change at the local level.

The planned project outputs are:

- Local vulnerability assessment for (LVA)  the Sporovo rural region, Motol rural region, Chausy town;

- Local adaptation plan (LAP) for three pilot region;

- 3 stakeholder workshops – one in each pilot region

- publication of leaflets on local impacts of climate change and awareness rising

The projects creates and uses feed-back mechanisms connecting experts and local communities for obtaining information, verification and acceptance of the results, supporting ownership of the LVA and the LAP by the local communities.

Coordinator: Maria Falaleeva, E-mail: falaleeva.mariya@gmail.com

Experts involved: Maria Falaleeva, Iryna Usova, Lubov Hertman.