Excavations in Padnikollie

In the framework of upcoming COMMA project, our organization is discussing with Mahilyow City Executive Committee a pilot project on public participation in the re-planning of Padnikollie District. Municipal companies are already doing some construction works there. Most of the shrubs have been cut down. The remains of several old buildings were removed. For the last 2 months local archaeologists have been excavating the site of Intercession Church, one of the most interesting monuments of Mahilyow school of architecture. Local stakeholders are already unhappy and demand to stop some of the works. Everything points to a promising pilot project on co-management!

My Favorite Place in Mahilyow

Ecoproject together with the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Mahilyow State University, Mahilyow Regional Department of Belarusian Geographical Society, and Mahilyow Branch of the Republican Scientific and Technical Library, supported by the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe, announces a creative student work contest "My favorite place in Mahilyow."

The contest will be held in the following nominations:
- The best photo;
- The best drawing;
- The best essay.

Some of the oldest spruce trees in Piačersk were cut down

In the framework of EnGo project an international delegation, consisting of representatives from Ecoproject, Central European University, Belarusian-Russian University and other educational institutions, made a field trip to Piačersk Forest Park. The researchers were interested in the sanitary state of the park and technical methods for mitigating the impacts of climate change on forest ecosystems. In the oldest part of the park, the researchers were able to see only the stumps. Some of them had more than 200 stump rings.


Dying spruce in Piačersk

Members of our NGO made a field trip to Piačersk Forest Park. The situation with sanitary clear-cutting in this island of pristine nature surrounded by the city districts is a matter of particular concern and sadness. According to an employee of Mahilyowzielianbud, old-growth spruce trees dry at least in five spots. All the trees that start to show even slight hints of drying are being promptly cut down.


10 years!

On July 19 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of  NGO "Ecoproject". We discussed our achievements and plans for the future.


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