«Management in housing sector: forms, methods, best and unsuccessful practice»

Training workshop will be organized from 12.10 till 14.10.2016 in Chisinau in hotel «REGENCY”, 17, Sfatul Tarii street. The workshop is organized by NGO “Institute for Urban Development”, Chisinau (Republic of Moldova) and the Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe (IWO), Berlin (Germany). The housing sector is one of the primary concerns in post-soviet countries. The following key issues in the housing sector are needed for special focus: prevalence of joint households whose members are lack with enough information, skills and competencies for management and in most cases, low-income homeowners; lack of a system of training of professional managers for joint households, including state managers; inefficient system for dissemination of information among house owners. The experience of European countries shows that the management of joint households if a difficult issue that requires professional managers, and owners with sufficient knowledge on the topic. The educational system for training of house managers and dissemination of information is established in European countries and homeowners get enough information on management of the houses, starting from school time, and understand their responsibility as owner. During the workshop, participants will discuss the difficulties and perspectives of development of the housing sector in their countries and will share a vision of directions for follow-up activities in the field of housing management to support national reforms in the housing sector. The event is organized within the project "The way forward for reforms in the housing sector: empowering grass-root homeowners associations in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine". The project aims to support the national housing reforms and strengthen the role of civil society organizations role housing management. Technical advisory centres (TACs) have been established within the project to provide information and advice to homeowners to improve awareness in the field of housing management. The workshop in Chisinau continues a series of training activities aimed at enhancing the professional knowledge for experts of the TACs and overall capacity of the TACs established in the partner countries of the project. Workshops have been organized already in Baku (Azerbaijan) and Lviv (Ukraine).